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Metal Fabrication in Pingelly

JMac Engineering offer a range of metal fabrication, including not only general steel jobs, but stainless steel and aluminium. We offer a range of standard and custom ute trays, along with canopies to suit, agricultural repairs, and now building aluminium truck bowls. We take great pride in our trade, and stand by the quality of any project we complete.

Specialising in Aluminium, Stainless Steel & General Fabrication

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Stainless Steel

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J. Mac Engineering: Premier Metal Fabrication in Pingelly

Welcome to J. Mac Engineering, where metal meets innovation in the heart of Pingelly, Western Australia. With a rich legacy spearheaded by Jon McBurney, our family-owned business has become a beacon of excellence in metal fabrication. We specialise in a multitude of services including aluminium, steel, and stainless-steel works that are not just built but crafted with precision and care.

J Mac Engineering Truck Trailers

Our Services: Quality Work at Its Finest

Our expertise ranges from the construction of ute trays and canopies to the intricate fabrication of aluminium truck trailers.

Our services extend beyond these; we are also adept at crafting trailers, agricultural equipment, and tools tailored to the demanding specifications of our clients.

With a focus on quality, each project is an opportunity for us to blend our technical skills with your vision, turning raw metal into functional art.

Commitment to Quality: The J. Mac Engineering Promise

We take immense pride in the workmanship of our highly skilled tradespeople. Our commitment is reflected in the enduring quality of our projects and the satisfaction of our clients.

We believe in giving machinery a new lease on life, offering comprehensive repair services that restore and enhance. At J. Mac Engineering, excellence is not just a standard—it’s a benchmark that we passed down to all of our team.

J Mac Engineering Ute Tray
Pingelly, Western Australia

Community and Beyond: A Trust Forged in Steel

Our roots run deep in the Pingelly community, where our reputation for professional metal solutions has grown over the years.

The trust we have earned from our clients extends beyond local boundaries, a testament to the dedication and passion we pour into every job.

Collaboration and Design: Your Vision, Our Mission

The journey from concept to creation is a collaborative one at J. Mac Engineering. We welcome your ideas and work closely with you to bring them to fruition.

From the initial design to the final touches, your input is invaluable in shaping the end product—a product that is not only functional but also a true representation of your needs.

J Mac Engineering Ute Tray
J Mac Engineering Trailers

Sustainable Practices: Engineering a Greener Tomorrow

Understanding the importance of sustainability, we adopt practices that minimise our environmental footprint, ensuring that our manufacturing processes are as eco-friendly as possible.

We believe in not only building for today but also for a greener tomorrow.

“In 2023 I had John build me 3 new aluminum semi tipper grain bodies.  He also modified two aluminum  bodies that I already owned and modified a log trailer chassis and fitted a new aluminum body to it.  I found the workmanship to be of a high standard and was carried out in a professional manner.  I would have no hesitation in having John do similar projects in the future. “

Greg Fisher – Forrest Haulage Esperance 

Pingelly Transport

“Collaborating with John, to customise our grain trailers to our specific requirements has been a breeze. Whether its a chassis, bowl or full trailer his workman ship is superior.”

Bill & Zoe Moulton – Pingelly Transport

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Metal Fabrication

Ready to transform your metal fabrication ideas into reality?

J. Mac Engineering is here to make it happen. With a passion for metalwork and a commitment to quality, we are excited to embark on this creative journey with you. Contact us to discuss your project or visit us in Pingelly to see our craftsmanship firsthand.

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